Small Business Loan Officer, Bonita Doster, counsels an attendee at our recent Speed Coaching event.


Launching a business can be an intimidating process for anyone, especially first-time entrepreneurs. Many business owners do not realize that acquiring that initial loan can take time and patience, and it may require certain conditions – a sound business plan, a good credit rating, and knowing/understanding your business finances.

The staff at ACE, though, is trained to guide you through it, from beginning to end. We go well above and beyond what a typical bank does.

“We don’t just give you a loan,” says ACE Vice President Sandy Headley, “We are here with you for the long haul to help you and your business to be successful. It’s our goal to help you be successful and sustainable through capital, coaching and connections. We truly understand all of the dimensions of small business.”

Small Business Loan Officer Bonita Doster says she attends workshops and networking events to stay current with the lending climate.

“I try to understand my client’s business and where it is to determine if they are a good fit for the program or to troubleshoot anything on the front end so that the process moves more smoothly on the back end,” she says. “It is important that our clients understand what they are getting into and that it is not an overnight process that produces funding in a day or even a week. However, it is not a strenuous process — it can just be overwhelming if you have never done it before.”

Sometimes, even if some aspects of the business are going well, a client will struggle to repay the loan. In that case, Doster and her colleagues at ACE spring into action. “I try to work with them to determine why they cannot pay and what they think they need to get back on track,” Doster says. “With some people we just need to determine how much they can pay each month to see if they can get back on track.”

Commercial Loan Officer Anthony Flack notes the teamwork involved in supporting a client. “Our responsibilities include recommending the best loan products, helping customers put together a complete loan package, and working with the underwriting team and Loan Committee throughout the process to obtain loan approval. We also help existing clients with different strategies to assist their companies with sustainability and growth.”

Maria Peck, Director of Hispanic Strategy and Lending, adds, “At ACE, we go a step further than just getting to know our customers.  We want our small business clients to be successful because that means they can provide for themselves, their families and their communities.“

The bottom line? We care about *your* bottom line, and we work to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

If you are interested in more information on a loan from ACE, please call our offices at 678-335-5600, option 1 or email


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