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What does an ACE Loan Officer do? More Than You Know!

Small Business Loan Officer, Bonita Doster, counsels an attendee at our recent Speed Coaching event.   Launching a business can be an intimidating process for anyone, especially first-time entrepreneurs. Many business owners do not realize that acquiring that... read more

Client Spotlight: Craft Yarn Co.

When Barrie Turney was 15, her grandmother taught her how to knit. “I just took to it,” she says. “I had a hard time sitting still so knitting gave me a fun way to occupy my hands.” She kept it up as a hobby, even when she was working as a Harley-Davidson mechanic. “I... read more


Carver State Bank is pleased to announce it and its partner, Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) have been awarded $30 million in New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund through Carver Financial Corporation, Carver State Bank’s holding company and affiliated Community Development Entity. This is Carver’s first federal NMTC allocation awarded by the CDFI Fund.

read more

NPU-V Client Profile: 3 Corners Groceries, LLC

Chloe Floyd grew up in a family that owned small neighborhood businesses within the Pittsburgh community for more than 15 years.  Chloe stated “she has witnessed the rise and decline of the community, and her business has been effected by the changes in the... read more

Getting to know Jeff Moody, Grant Writer for ACE

Much was at stake the first time Jeff Moody filled out a grant application. He had attended Young Harris College and then earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Georgia State. Moody was trying hard to find a job, so he took a temporary internship at the Georgia... read more

Client Spotlight: SOKOME

“Sokome” is what is known as a portmanteau, a combination of words smashed together to create a new meaning. In this case, it denotes a fusion of cuisines, using their first two letters:  Southern—Korean—Mexican. Danny Yi – chef, entrepreneur, and global citizen... read more

Client Spotlight: do Restaurant

Imagine ordering a gourmet meal at a restaurant through the iPad on your table. At do (pronounced “dough” and spelled with a lowercase “d”) you can do just that, along with using your device to request songs and control your valet parking. You also can enjoy “video... read more

Christmas Gifts Ideas

As we enter this holiday season, we want to highlight some of ACE’s businesses that sell unique products to help you get started with some great holiday shopping. Small businesses make our communities unique,  spending locally helps business owners, small businesses,... read more

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