As a result of innovative Save & Sustain financing, Bob Hoyer is saving hundreds a month on his electric bill and he’s thrilled. “Our summer electric bills were unthinkable,” he said, referring to his decision to replace fluorescent lighting and install solar panels on the roof of the 4,000 square foot building housing his tutoring business, Academic Solutions.

Founded in 1998, Academic Solutions assists students from kindergarten through college with math, reading, English, study skills and test prep. With 18 employees and dozens of students in and out all day, lighting, heating and cooling needs resulted in bills from $350 to $500 per month.  Hoyer expects to save $300 a month.

Key to making the $30,000 project happen, Hoyer said, was low interest financing provided by Save & Sustain.  “Program manager Matt Ryder was excellent to work with,” Hoyer said. “He understood the whole picture and what our goals were.” Businesses seeking energy efficient improvements can contact Matt at  ryder@georgiagreenloans.org or 404-863-3510.