The Dawsonville clinic brings a wide variety of services, technology, and expertise to north Georgia animals, including preventive medicine (vaccinations, spay/neuter); ultrasonography to detect medical issues;  in-house laboratory services; chemotherapy; and orthopedic treatments. The clinic also offers laser surgery using carbon dioxide-based technology that significantly reduces post-operative pain and inflammation, as well as video endoscopy with a small, fiber-optic probe. Boarding and grooming services also are available in this clean, modern, and attentive environment.

The sole owner, CEO, and practicing veterinarian at Foothills is Dr. Raymond Habermann III, who attended the University of Georgia’s respected veterinary school. During his years there, he also worked at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, which gave him a foundation for treating increasingly popular exotic pets, and his graduate studies involved a stint at the Animal Medical Center, a seven-story hospital in New York City. He also has worked at the Animal Emergency Clinic of North Fulton and served in leadership roles for several professional organizations, including president of the North Metro Veterinary Medical Association, and chairman of the Peer Review Committee, which mediates disputes between pet owners and veterinarians. Dr. Habermann spends at least one day a month speaking at area schools about general pet care and his experiences at a zoo and a veterinary practice. Foothills employs  11 workers, and, as the only clinic within a 10-mile radius, fulfills the diverse veterinary needs of this community.