At Midtown Urology, Drs. James K. Bennett, Jenelle E. Foote and Paul Alphonse, Jr. offer diagnostic services, medical treatment, and innovative surgical procedures for urological problems to provide the highest quality of care in this field in the region.


Dr. Bennett

Dr. Bennett

 Dr. Bennett specializes in prostate care; Dr. Foote addresses bladder control issues; and Dr. Alphonse helps patients facing challenges from infertility and Erectile Dysfunction. “I look at my work here as a way to help patients gain control of a medical problem, which can morph into a social and emotional problem as well,” said Dr. Foote. “We employ a variety of treatment regimens to help our patients get control of these problems so they can better enjoy life and tackle other things that are important to them.”

Dr. Foote

Dr. Foote

The success of their practice derives not only from the quality of their work, but also from their relationships with patients whom they treat with dignity and compassion. The doctors take a holistic approach, educating their patients about diet, lifestyle, and factors such as family history, as well as the latest technology in treatments.     


Dr. Alphonse

The doctors received a loan to purchase and renovate a building for their medical practice and in-house surgical center.


This venture proved successful for ACE, the bank, and the client. The medical team was able to get a 90% loan over a long term and low fixed rate that it otherwise might not have acquired from a traditional lender.


Midtown Urology employs 60 full-time staffers.

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