westside-logo1Georgia Green Loans Helps Ice Cream Company Expand

Founded in 2010 by Maggie Rentz and Greg Smith, Westside Creamery produces small-batch ice cream from locally grown ingredients. All milk and cream used produced by Johnston Family Farm in Newborn, Georgia, while  fruits are grown by a number of local farms. Flavors change according to ingredients available and currently include mint sweet tea, lemon buttermilk sorbet, honey apricot, raspberry framboise sorbet, and many more.

As their website says, the ice cream satisfies not just your inner truck-chasing child, but your grown-up, earth-friendly locavore too. Through a loan from Georgia Green Loans, Westside Creamery was able to purchase an ice cream truck to facilitate the transfer of their frozen treats.  Ice cream from Westside Creamery is available at the Sandy Springs Farmers Market, The Mercantile, and online .