Sahy Latte Coffee is a pleasurable Atlanta brand created by a former NFL Cheerleader, Shayla, whose stomach health challenge experience sparked the craftsmanship of our premium volcanic coffee beverages, to support stomach-friendly options for coffee lovers to enjoy coffee again. Shayla and her father handcraft a premium crème-less coffee that is as smooth as wine accompanied with tantalizing bold flavors. To promote wellness, Shay Latte Coffee produces a proprietary beverage solution that is vegan-friendly, stomach-friendly, naturally nutrient-rich filled with aromatic pleasurable taste. As a kid from Atlanta, Shayla would often share with her father that her dream one day is to be a major contributor to the business and social community ecosystems. Now she is an adult with a 2-year daughter, she is still keeping her promise even more to enrich herself and other entrepreneurs to soar beyond their wildest dreams. Shay Latte Success is OUR SUCCESS!

We asked Shayla to provide a quote about her experience with ACE WBC: “First and foremost, I am grateful for ACE Women’s Business Center (WBC). The honor I have to be a part of such a luxurious, community-centric, thoughtful, proactive, funding innovation solutions driven team with access to internal strategic leadership truly positions ACE as a top notch organization. I have had an amazing experience with ACE WBC for years. ACE WBC is priceless! As a witness to ACE’s WBC level of care, consistency, and support for entrepreneurs to manifest the dreams is contagious; I keep coming back for more. I have literally attended over 30 events from the webinars, seminars, Speed Coaching Events, and workshops. When Shay Latte Coffee soars, ACE WBC soars because we are a family! My success is OUR success. It is no coincidence why women will continue to be trailblazer and generational wealth builder, when we have access to reliable resources and support from strategic community partners like ACE WBC.”

– Shayla McNair, Owner of @shaylattecoffee