At her consulting practice, L Jameson Consultants, LLC, Linda Davis Jameson uses her financial experience to help entrepreneurs improve cash flow and prepare for funding. ACE counts Jameson as part of our team of exceptional professionals to provide Business Advisory Services to our clients.

Based in Atlanta, Jameson travels a lot, making client site visits as far north as Toccoa and south near the airport. “Many entrepreneurs just put their financial statements in a drawer and don’t pay attention to them, but they are very important,” Jameson says. “The financials tell a story about your business.” 

Ultimately, Jameson finds herself so embedded in a business that she feels like part of the team. “Building a relationship and enjoying each other – that’s what makes it work.”

She handles two elite groups for ACE. One is a cluster of 20 high-achieving women who each bring in at least half a million dollars in revenue.  Jameson started working with them five years ago to help improve their bottom line. “We really have fun together,” she says.

The second group of approximately 10 clients comprises both women and men and is known as the “ACE of Diamonds.” These entrepreneurs were selected by ACE staffers for their “spirit and initiative.”

In addition to these groups, Jameson also works on short-term projects with ACE clients for two or three months at a time. 

Her background is in commercial banking. “As chief credit officer I was on the loan approval side of the desk, so now I am able to use that knowledge to help business owners obtain the funding they need.”


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