Chloe Floyd grew up in a family that owned small neighborhood businesses within the Pittsburgh community for more than 15 years.  Chloe stated “she has witnessed the rise and decline of the community, and her business has been effected by the changes in the community.”  With the lack of resources and inconvenience that affected her everyday life, she decided to do something about the Food Desert Crisis and open 3 Corners Groceries, located in the Floyd’s Plaza at the tip of Pittsburgh neighborhood on McDaniel Street.

Chloe is committed to help build a community that supports small businesses located in the Southwest corridor of the City of Atlanta.  As an active advocate in the community, Chloe has increased the awareness of how important it is to educate the community by introducing healthier food choices in her store.  Chloe has partnered with Bee Glad Café which is next to her store in the effort to prepare meals for families located in their area who need some assistance with daily meal preparation and healthy meal choices.

3 Corners Groceries, LLC plays an important role in the Pittsburgh community, mainly for the families that lack transportation and/or are dealing with some type of physical disabilities that hinder their daily or weekly visit to other food markets 7-10 miles away. Chloe has a genuine love for the families in her community and will continue her support and engagement, focusing on having a business that is committed to community development and growth.