client6Nada Bunnell sees the world in terms of pictures, color, and composition.

More than anything else, she wanted to help others see that way, too, and thought of her camera as a memory-maker. For twenty years, photography remained only a passionate hobby — until she was laid off at 60 years old. “I knew I had little chance of finding employment. But with the help of ACE, I have made the change from sitting behind a desk in someone else’s business to standing behind a camera in my own.  I have been able to follow my dream,” she says.

By providing her with a loan and assisting her with every facet of starting and running a business, ACE helped Bunnell attain the “confidence to carry out and excel at each type of new project that comes along.” Today, “ACE’s continuing support and interest drive me to become the very best photographer and business owner that I can be,” she says.

When Bunnell started Gentle Presence in north Georgia, she had one client, a catalog mail order company that used four of her product photos. This same company published 130 of her product images in its current issue, and she is scheduled for a cover shot soon. She  also has delved into design, creating brochures, business cards, greeting cards and real estate fliers.

Her most recent projects involve portraiture and the sale of fine art prints. A photography book may be in her future.

“When I stopped letting the fear of ‘what if’ rule my life and began believing anything is possible with the wonder of what happens when you allow it, life became infinitely brighter and more beautiful,” she says. “And I just know in my heart that I can do anything I want. Life is good.”