The CEO of Swilling Underwriting Services, Eric Swilling specializes in third-party asset quality monitoring, or “loan review;” underwrites loans of all sizes; reviews collateral; and, provides credit analysis. Swilling, whose business is based in Atlanta, works for ACE as an independent contractor. He uses his extensive, detail-driven lending expertise to enhance ACE’s effectiveness.

“I was really drawn to ACE because of its mission,” he says, “and I’m always steering clients that way, particularly women entrepreneurs.”

Swilling also conducts site visits once a year with our clients and assists with any foreclosed real estate on the books.

He is a regular speaker or coach at ACE’s conference and workshops. “I enjoy helping the audience understand credit and what qualities lenders are looking for.”

Swilling has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA in finance from Capella University.

When Swilling, who grew up in Toccoa, is not crunching  numbers, he enjoys traveling, cooking, and music. “Jazz really helps me mellow out – the old stuff, like Coltrane,” he says. Swilling also is a single dad to four foster children.  “They keep me very busy,” he says.


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