“One day I needed extra money, so I started doing taxes on the side for $50.” That decision to prepare taxes while studying for her master’s degree in 2012 is the first stone that built Maximum Tax Resources LLC and affiliated companies. CEO and Owner, Hasina Brunson, prepared her entire student career to become a counselor and was now faced with the new challenge of navigating the business world as a young and passionate entrepreneur. Lacking startup capital, critical resources, and experience, she intimately understood the challenges of building a business alone. Undeterred, it wasn’t long before she approached the WBC after learning about our services through SCORE and colleagues.

Brunson approached the WBC to learn what it would take to expand her thriving new business. She made use of financial workshops, including “Set your Financial Goals” and “Solving the Cash Flow Crunch.” Those sessions set the foundation for how money should be managed, as well as thoughts for expansion plans and retirement. She then attended the “Access to Capital” workshop after her small business loan application was denied by the bank, and realized the process was simple. She appreciates the time that the staff provided, which allowed her to successfully obtain the ACE loan.

Now with tax offices in a handful of states, Maximum Tax Resources offers an array of services from personal and business tax preparation, to credit repair and a homebuyer program. She thanks ACE for their resources and support saying ”ACE and the WBC assisted me because it provided me with the knowledge and then the capital needed to expand my business.” The best advice she could give a startup is… education, education, and MORE education!

“There is no such thing as failure — only learning experiences,” Hasina Brunson says. “I value and am thankful for the educational opportunities offered by ACE WBC and am thankful to ACE for providing me access to capital to expand the business.”

Maximum Tax Resources
Hasina Brunson
(404) 787-7197