In 2003 after being a registered nurse for a few years, Dr. Blessing Agu became a mother of twin girls, one of which was born with respiratory and GI issues. In that moment, Dr. Agu realized how difficult it was for other parents who had to go through a similar struggle with their own children and to do so without any kind of clinical background. After years of struggles, in 2015, she decided to start KindTouch Healthcare Services, to provide nursing services to medically fragile children between the ages of 0-21 years of age in the comfort of their homes.

One of the main obstacles Dr. Agu encountered when she launched her business was financing, not having enough credit nor business history. She started saving up and working two jobs for a couple of years until the business broke even. Back then, a client of ACE told her about the organization and the technical assistance offered by the Women’s Business Center. In 2019, she decided to reach out and compile all the information necessary to apply for a loan, she was approved and offered Business Advisory Services. She attended a strategic planning training where she was able to strategize, and re-focus on revenue sources which made the company more profitable by the end of 2019. She was also referred to a bookkeeper and HR Specialist who would provide advice and training. In 2020, she decided to join the WOSB Cohort Series presented by the Women’s Business Center. During the series of trainings, she was able to obtain certification as a Women-Owned Small Business. She now has contracts with the school system and hopes to be able to pursue federal opportunities in the near future.

KindTouch is currently growing and doing well. Even through the pandemic, they continued to hire and provide jobs to members of the community. They have currently applied for an SBA loan to fund the construction of their own building and will be adding a personal care home for senior citizens to their offering.

“I reached out to ACE when I was not able to obtain funding through financial institutions. ACE and its people are a blessing (no pun intended), and I am very pleased with the services I always receive. They pick up my phone calls and respond to my emails whenever I need assistance, and when they can’t help me, they always find someone who can. I am very grateful to ACE and the Women’s Business Center for providing capital, coaching and connections to business owners like me.”

Dr. Blessing Agu.

KindTouch Healthcare Services, LLC.
Dr. Blessing Agu