Grace Fricks, CEO and President, Appalachian Community Enterprises

For a decade, Appalachian Community Enterprises (ACE) has helped small businesses start and thrive. But in response to the opportunities and challenges of today’s world, we want to help them do more. Innovate. Rise to a new level of entrepreneurship. Create a healthy and vibrant economy.

Green is more than a buzzword. Rising energy and fuel costs, a tight economy and wider environmental concerns are forcing all of us to rethink how we live and do business. We at ACE are seeking ways to reduce waste and use fewer resources.

Attitudes and lifestyles are changing. And with those changes come opportunities for new and innovative solutions. We believe that small business has a vital role to play, both in the Green marketplace and the revitalization of the economy. In past recessions, small business has been the leader in job creation. It can happen again.

Georgia Green Loans was founded with the belief that small businesses do make a difference. And we are here to help you succeed.