Appalachian Community Enterprises announces that its President/CEO and Green Loan Founder will speak at Saturday’s Georgia Organics conference

Grace Fricks, President and CEO of Appalachian Community Enterprises (ACE) will speak about her organization’s new “green” loans at the upcoming conference of Georgia Organics.

Scheduled for Saturday, March 21, Fricks will introduce Georgia Green Loans to the conferees during the 2-day Georgia Organics event at Agnes Scott College in Decatur.

Georgia Green Loans is an ACE subsidiary that provides funding to small businesses in about 1/3 of Georgia, mainly the Northern counties and Metro Atlanta, for the purpose of starting or expanding “green” enterprises and the “greening” of existing businesses. For other parts of Georgia, green loan funds are available through the Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC), which covers 44 counties in the Southeastern part of the state, and Albany Community Together (ACT), which covers 14 counties in Southwest Georgia.

“This is good news for Georgia’s small businesses,” says Fricks, “because they will now have a fresh credit source available to them.”

Barbara Petit, President of Georgia Organics, adds: “Especially in these times of tight credit, emerging and existing organic and sustainable growers will benefit from these loans.”