emil_part2 Emil Bekyarov, owner of B Green Services, approached ACE and Georgia  Green Loans for financial assistance to expand his recycling  business. Since opening in October 2009, business has doubled,  however continued growth has been hampered by its cash availability.  He was handcuffed with a $998 monthly payment for a hauling truck,  and desperately needed cash in order to invest in containers (both 95-  gallon single stream containers and 3 yd. containers) for additional  customer accounts.  Georgia Green Loans stepped in to refinance  the truck note, which had a 23.5% interest rate. This moveallows them to  invest their interest savings into expansion plans.

B Green Services provides full-service recycling solutions for restaurants, hotels, special events, catering companies, shopping centers, and the hospitality industry throughout the greater Atlanta area. Future plans include positioning the company for second truck and hiring a part-time employee.

To learn more, please visit:

B Green Services

Emil Bekyarov, President B Green Services



Georgia Green Loans thanks Sandra Cummins with Southeast Green for the referral–a solid partnership at work!