Dr. Yared Alemu launched TQIntelligence Inc. in 2016 and developed a revolutionary talk therapy software that extracts voice biomarkers to measure the severity of emotional distress for children and adolescents. The company’s voice biomarker product, Clarity AI, is a platform that provides objective insights into the impact of trauma on the human brain. Most importantly, the technology Dr. Alemu’s team develops translates these objective insights into clinical application in real-time to support therapists in a problematic clinical setting to improve the quality of young lives, including managing high-risk patients to divert them for unnecessary high dollar inpatient hospitalization.

Dr Alemu came to ACE after participating in the Advanced Product Development Center (APDC) at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2019. As a software startup, he noted that the business lending environment with most financial institutions revolved around capital for equipment and other tangible products. So, it was difficult to find business loans for innovative companies which focused on intellectual property like software.

ACE immediately saw the vision Dr. Alemu had for his company and the children and families they could help. He worked closely with the ACE team and received a $50,000 ACE loan, which allowed him to finance permanent working capital, keep salaries paid for employees, and cover software related expenses.

Dr. Alemu has over 20 years of experience as a psychologist, clinical supervisor, researcher, and administrator. He is an expert in digital mental healthcare and using technology to support precision and individualized treatment approaches to mental health issues.

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