Talk about a sugar buzz.

Sweet Joy Ice Cream Bar combines two pleasures by infusing the premium dessert, made on-site, with alcohol.

“Believe me, we had to get a special license to do this,” says proprietor Talia Holmes, “but it’s been worth it all the way.”

Among the intoxicating flavors: Raspberry Sweet Wine, Honey Bourbon, Margarita, and – for the holiday season – Eggnog and Peppermint Vodka.

How has ACE helped? “With everything!” Talia says. “On day one, I thought nothing was going to come together. But ACE got me the capital to buy my equipment, gave me access to bookkeeping courses, and I got a business consultant. It changed my life.”

She opened her business last December on the lower level of the Honest Alley Exchange in downtown Lawrenceville, amid a spurt of growth there. “There’s so much development going on right now, but we were able to get in just before the real estate skyrocketed,” she says.

Holmes is legendary for her positive attitude. When you walk into her shop, you will see “I Love U” painted on the floor, with Post-It notes that customers are encouraged to leave with testimonials and encouraging words.

“It’s just a feel-good place,” Holmes says. “The way I grew up in my mom’s house and my granny’s house, you couldn’t come in without a hug and a kiss and you couldn’t leave without a hug and a kiss and an ‘I love you.’”

She discovered ACE when she attended a business seminar. “Then I got acquainted with the Women’s Business Center,” she says. “ACE is so different from the typical bank in that they’re so hands-on in helping you succeed,” she says. “And it seems like a no-brainer. It seems like every lender should want your business to succeed. It’s really quite amazing what ACE does.”

So, out of gratitude, when she visits our Norcross office, she makes sure to bring some samples of her product to share. Holmes is a very popular client!

Holmes employs six staffers, and plans to open another café.


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