Cycle Gang owner, Khalil Aziz

Khalil Aziz opened Cycle Gang, LLC in 2019, providing high intensity cycling classes, step aerobics, flexibility training, cardio dance classes and more. Located in College Park, the business has little competition in its South Atlanta market. Khalil came to ACE in 2021 seeking business consultation along with potential financing to support working capital, equipment purchases, and to invest in brand marketing strategies.

In 2020, upon the vast global shut down prompted by the pandemic, Cycle Gang lost significant revenue and the opportunity to generate increased “new” membership sales. The company had to pivot expeditiously to retain its customer confidence based upon the proposed severity of COVID-19 life threatening effects- especially considering all the varying safety protocols and the uncertainty of vaccinations. Therefore, an immediate alternative strategy was implemented by decreasing cycling class sizes, increased frequency of classes, and other strategies.

ACE was able to provide Khalil the capital needed in the form of a micro loan in fall 2021. By early 2022, he applied for additional capital to scale the business by making leasehold improvements, sought training to increase technological usage of the existing CRM portal for increased marketing touches with clientele, offer paraphernalia, and purchasing additional equipment to enhance the overall membership experience.

Continual collaborations with other small businesses in College Park, as well as seeking partnering opportunities with neighboring corporations such as Delta Air Lines, Porsche, hotels, and hospitality providers to offer group memberships to its employees will also increase exposure. Ultimately, Cycle Gang is on a quest to grow and sustain viability to employ the community with jobs and opportunities. Khalil believes the success of Cycle Gang is not “a Personality driven company,” however, a collaborative effort of the community as it values the importance of health and wellness.

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