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As immigrants with eclectic backgrounds, Clara and Cesar bring an especially unique approach to their flooring business while focusing on service, craftsmanship and quality. Clara is not only a soprano singer and music teacher, but she also has a law degree from her native Dominican Republic and a masters in music management from Georgia State. So when customers need carpet for their home theater, Clara understands firsthand how important acoustics are.

After serving in the military in Mexico, Cesar came to the United States to help family members already living here and decided to stay after meeting Clara. While working as a floor installer for more than 15 years, Cesar decided he wanted his own business so he can help others master the skills he’s learned. In addition to skill, precision and detailed organization, Clara and Cesar bring an artistic touch to every flooring project.

For Clara and Cesar, CIC Floors is a personal mission that not only sustains their four children but that also provides quality jobs for skilled workers so that they too can provide for their families. CIC is committed to improving the lives of floor installers who often suffer from under-employment and low wages by offering consistent work and training.

“As a family-owned business, we promise to treat every client’s home as if it were our own,” says owner Clara Olguin. “We are a full service operation, with a broad selection of flooring materials and the expertise and an artistic eye to ensure an installation that will beautify the space for years to come.”

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