From left to right: Sandy Headley, ACE Vice President, Dorothy Yates Kirkley, ACE Advisory Council Chair, and Bill Snapp of Solarflex Technologies

Bill Snapp of SolarFlex Technologies is the recent recipient of the ACE Greenovation Award. Solarflex Technologies, LLC provides solar energy solutions to organizations which can benefit both environmentally and financially from the power of the sun. In December 2010, he was presented with an amazing opportunity—to design and build a 79,000-watt system Marine Corp Recruiting Depot on Parris Island. The system was installed on a 14,000 square foot parking deck and provides 50% of the power used by the complex. In working on this project, Bill was able to complete the project on time, create 8 jobs, pay off his loan from ACE and use all American made parts and components. This also gave Solarflex an opportunity to catapult the business and receive national recognition, as well. Bill has appeared on CNN Live twice, regarding the impact of the debt-crisis resolution and the upcoming budget cuts on small businesses like SolarFlex, was featured in the Small Business Administration newsletter and is listed on the US Senate form as one of 18 successful companies that utilized loan funds under the Small
Business Jobs Act.

The Greenovation Award is given to the entrepreneur whose business has best achieved sustainability and growth while also making a measureable impact on the environment.  The award also includes a $500 ACE gift certificate that can be used for professional development, classes, consultation or equipment.