“ACE’s green loan allowed us to buy equipment for backflow prevention services.  Without this loan, we could not have done this and our customers would face non-compliance citations.” Tammy Alexander

Alexander Plumbing and Backflow Service, LLC, in addition to offering its customers the services of a Georgia Master Plumber, is also a state certified provider of backflow prevention products and services – one of only 100 to 150 in Georgia to have earned this distinction.

Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division have mandated compliance with the Safe drinking Water Act through the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention equipment. Back pressure and back siphonage can introduce waste water into the clean water supply. The regulation applies to industries ranging from car washes to manufacturing to restaurants. Business permits are not issued until companies install and test equipment. After installation and inspection, the Alexanders provide the necessary certificates of compliance.

The Alexanders are using ACE’s $35,000 loan to purchase parts for their company’s backflow prevention services.  Tammy acts as the company’s dispatcher and bookkeeper, and her husband focuses on meeting customer needs in the field.  Alexander Plumbing and Backflow Service, LLC, located in Whitesburg (Carroll County) faces its new business opportunities with optimism.