Yuliya Tarasava, CNote’s chief operating officer and co-founder, met with Joshua Brackett, CFO of ACE, last week to finalize the partnership.


ACE and CNote have entered into a partnership to increase funding to support underserved small-business owners across Metro Atlanta and rural North Georgia. This partnership aligns with ACE’s new five-year plan to provide an additional $115 million in loans to the communities it serves. ACE and CNote share a vision to grow small businesses and help underserved communities thrive.

CNotes’ innovative approach to investing allows the consumer to invest savings in causes they care about, while at the same time getting a financial return on their money. Next month we’ll provide information on how to participate in CNote to get a financial return AND ensure your investment is working in your backyard here in Georgia.

“With CNote as a new capital source, ACE will be able to provide increased levels of debt capital, which facilitates our growth plan and helps support our lending capacity,” said Joshua Brackett, chief financial officer of ACE. “We look forward to a fruitful, long-term partnership with CNote. And we are particularly excited about what this means for our local businesses — more capital.”

Since 2000, ACE has loaned more than $53 million to over 840 entrepreneurs, which has created or saved more than 7,100 jobs in Georgia. ACE’s hallmark service is its combination of capital, coaching and connections. ACE serves underserved small-business owners of color, women, low-income entrepreneurs and others who lack equitable access to small-business financing.

“We’re on a mission to build a more inclusive economy through thoughtful community investment,” said Yuliya Tarasava, CNote’s chief operating officer and co-founder. “This partnership with ACE helps us achieve that goal one investment at a time. The entire CNote team is excited to work with an organization devoted to funding a diverse group of entrepreneurs that create jobs and strengthen our communities.”


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