Pictured are (L-R) Tom Daly, District Vision co-founder; Dr. Mike Spino, True Champion CEO and founder; Max Vallot, District Vision co-founder


ACE wants to congratulate our client, Dr. Mike Spino, CEO and founder of True Champion LLC, on the re-publishing of his book Beyond Jogging: the innerspaces of running. The book is being republished by the New York conscious athletic label, District Vision. “It’s a very practical book, even if you’re running for the first time. What we all want is the release we get from it, and to keep it fun, so that we do it again, and again, and again,” says Tom Daly, District Vision’s co-founder.

Coach Spino participated in a panel discussion and book signing event on April 14th during the Boston Marathon to launch the re-release. Read more about District Vision’s admiration for the book and its author in the Vogue article: Thanks to District Vision, A Rare Running Manual From the 1970s Is Sprinting Into New Life (by Mark Holgate).