The veterinarian shortage in rural communities has been well-documented, but pet owners in this north Georgia community can take comfort in knowing Foothills Animal Clinic provides all of the expertise, cutting-edge technology, and warm bedside manner they would want for any family member.

Dr. Raymond Habermann III

The doc in charge is Dr. Raymond Habermann III, who attended the University of Georgia’s respected veterinary school. His Dawsonville clinic brings a wide variety of services and equipment to its practice, including ultrasonography to detect medical issues; in-house laboratory services; chemotherapy; and orthopedic treatments. The clinic also offers laser surgery using carbon dioxide-based technology that significantly reduces post-operative pain and inflammation, as well as video endoscopy with a small, fiber-optic probe. Foothills, the only clinic within a 10-mile radius, fulfills the diverse veterinary needs of this community.

Dr. Habermann had taken out two loans for his building and renovations. His bank approached ACE about an SSBCI loan to pay off those debts, and the institutions have teamed up to help the doctor cover these expenses with generous terms and affordable interest rates. So this small-town veterinarian can continue to save more dogs, cats, and the occasional alpaca. Dr. Habermann employs 12 full-time workers.