Although entrepreneurship involves risk, it can also lead to professional freedom for those who choose to pursue it. This was the case for husband-and-wife duo Sherman and Latasha Johnson after they founded Paramount Cutting Contracting in 2018.

The couple took what Latasha describes as a “leap of faith” when they decided to sell their home and invest the equity into starting this own company. “Contracting allowed us to break free from traditional employment structures and pave our path towards success on our terms. We desired the freedom to make decisions aligned with our values, the flexibility to balance work and personal life, and the ability to have more time with our family was a huge motivator for us.”

Using their 20+ years of previous experience, the Johnsons quickly began to pick up business. PCC has worked on numerous projects in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Some of their major previous customers include the Georgia World Congress Center, Phipps Plaza, Philips Arena, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and Georgia Power.

After a few years of running their business, the couple found themselves in need of extra funding to expand their company. After finding little success pursuing a loan through local banks and other lenders, the couple came across Ace in 2023. The Johnsons first connected with Ray Pennie, ACE’s Chief of Business Advisory Services. With the help of Ray, they were able to receive more information on how to become clients of ACE and how to apply for a loan through the company using their lending guidance services.

With the help of Ace, PCC was able to expand and cover several expenses, such as new equipment and new employees.

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