Women’s Business Center Workshop Instructor Form

Thank you for your interest in sharing your expertise with our small business clients. This form will help us better understand the content you would like to present, your background and expertise, ideal audience and if your presentation is a good fit for our program.

The purpose of ACE WBC’s trainings are to educate ACE WBC clients about a specific topic, and help their businesses grow and increase the knowledge on a specific skill. Trainers are not allowed to sell their products nor services during the presentation. At the beginning of the presentation, presenters are allowed to talk about their experience about a specific topic and provide their contact info/business card at the end of the workshop. If a client decides to contact the trainer after the workshop, that will be between the client and the presenter not through ACE WBC unless specified. Contact information of participants cannot be shared with trainers due to SBA guidelines.

Thank you for completing the form. We will review the information you submitted and will contact you if there is a need for the services you are offering.

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