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ACE Women’s Business Center Staff


Maria “Mayte” Peck, Director

Recognizing the disparity in accessing capital, ACE hired Maria Peck as a bilingual loan officer. As a Latina business woman, well-known in the Hispanic community, Maria has been able to increase ACE’s outreach to the Hispanic community. In 2013, ACE’s percentage of Hispanic clients grew to 9% and the average loan increased to $21,776. Maria “Mayte” Peck was born in New York City and raised in Trujillo, Peru. Her 15-plus years of sales and marketing experience comes from a broad range of positions held in Atlanta and New York, giving her a diverse view of the industry. As the owner of Sweet Devil Moon Tapas Bar, she was personally responsible for meeting the financial challenges of running a restaurant, managing a 1.2 Million-dollar budget over 6 years. Her search for additional funding led her to ACCION USA, a national micro-lender. She spent two years working from home after her daughter Victoria was born, then decided to work with Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs as Small Business Loan Officer. She worked on community outreach initiatives, coaching financial education programs around town, one-on-one business consulting and lending and is now the Director of the ACE Women’s Business Center awarded by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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Karen Malaga

Program & Logistics Manager

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