John and Juanisa Kimbrough –  recognized as ACE’s 2018 Commercial Entrepreneur of the Year

and honored by the Atlanta Women’s Foundation as a 2019 Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award – Shining Example

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As one of the premier daycare facilities in Southwest Atlanta, Ms. Niecy’s is more than a daycare center. They are a student-focused affordable preschool and learning center that accepts infants, toddlers, preschool and after-school children. Juanisa and John Kimbrough boast revenues over $900,000 annually but have also shown dedication to improving their business and keeping it sustainable.

In 2009, Ms. Niecy’s started helping students reach their early childhood development potential.  Their implementation of an integrated curriculum, which has been designed to accelerate their student’s brain development, has proven to be a success. Stimulating their students developing minds through utilizing engaging learning activities has resulted in creating strong educational foundations for their students.

Ms. Niecy’s makes a difference in its community as well, by creating jobs for those in the community. A recent expansion in their AfterCare division has allowed them to have a staff of 20 employees, which is making a tremendous economic impact on their southwest Atlanta community.

The Kimbroughs came to ACE for funding in 2015 and have had a total of four loans to continue their growth.  The latest loan in April 2020, ACE was able to restructure their financing to consolidate payments and ease the burden of the pandemic.

They are building more than just a place to drop your kids off while at work; they are building a strong educational foundation and making a very positive impact on our Leaders of Tomorrow…Changing the world, one student at a time!

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