Makers & Merchants Matchmaking

ACE Women’s Business Center Savannah
is proud to announce:

June 11, 2024

Makers & Merchants Matchmaking

Makers should have a presence within the Savannah Region. As Savannah is a popular tourist destination, visitors often seek to bring home a piece of Savannah as a cherished memento.

Let’s get your products into more retail outlets.

The main goal of this matchmaking event is to create a win-win situation where makers gain access to a broader market and merchants gain access to unique and desirable products that can set them apart from competitors. It can also help foster collaboration and support between creative communities and businesses, encouraging innovation and diversity in the market.

If you are a local maker of any type of product—food and beverage, jewelry, pottery, leather goods, wood and metal working, glass making, body care, hair care, and any other products not listed—we want you to be a part of this movement!

Here’s why you should participate in Makers & Merchants Matchmaking:

Merchants from the Savannah metro area are eagerly anticipating meeting and shopping with local makers who are fully vetted and prepared to offer their merchandise wholesale.

Learn how to price, market, and wholesale your products.

Create a wholesale program that you can use as a new revenue stream and grow your business.

Get your products into more retail outlets.

Generate more revenue!

To participate in the Makers & Merchants Matchmaking Series, all participants are required to have the following:

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Workshops In-Person

Mar 2

Workshop in person

May 15

Workshop in person

June 11

Makers & Merchants Matchmaking Event

We are excited to help give you the tools you need to expand your business and increase your revenue, and we look forward to experiencing your success at
Makers & Merchants Matchmaking!

See you there!

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Makers & Merchants Matchmaking

Join us for a dynamic event where local makers and merchants come together to forge business partnerships. Local merchants are excited to discover and purchase the unique products crafted by talented Savannah makers like you. By the time of this event, you’ll have a well-structured wholesale program that positions you and your business for participation. This is your opportunity to build meaningful connections, expand the presence of your products in various retail outlets, and boost your revenue significantly!