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Commercial and Bank–Partner Loans


ACE offers loans over $50,000 to qualified applicants. If you are looking for help to purchase a building, upgrade expensive equipment, or make other costly improvements so that your business can grow, ACE can help!

Each applicant will be considered on the basis of the company’s unique financial needs.

  • Must have acceptable credit score
  • Interest rate based on market
  • Terms are based on loan purpose and amount of loan
  • Collateral is required
  • Documentation is required.

Partner with ACE to build strong financial relationships for your small business.

The State of Georgia has received a federal grant from the Department of Treasury in the amount of $48 Million through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). The purpose of the SSBCI program is to create jobs and stimulate small business lending.

Through this program, Banks have the opportunity to partner with ACE on loans for existing bank customers that need assistance as well as new customers that ACE may bring to the Bank for a banking relationship. The SSBCI program affords the Banks the opportunity to develop and maintain customer relationships while also mitigating their risk. Both ACE and their Bank partner underwrite the global relationship based on policy and procedure for their respective entity. The customer benefits from this partnership by the combined expertise of the Bank and ACE as well as through a blended rate scenario, as ACE may provide a lower fee and interest rate structure than the Bank. The Bank maintains the customer’s deposit relationship throughout the partnership as ACE is a non-depository financial institution.

The SSBCI program is mutually beneficial for Banks and ACE. More importantly, this program benefits the “underserved” and “under-banked” small business owners throughout our market while also creating and maintaining jobs. The SSBCI program provides a unique opportunity for financial institutions to partner in building relationships with small businesses and to lead the way into an environment of sustainability and growth.

For loan amounts over $50,000, please contact one of our Commercial Sales Officers, Anthony Flack at, or Maria Peck at

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