Are you an ambitious woman with entrepreneurial dreams?

Empowering Women of Color to Thrive in Entrepreneurship

Here’s an exciting chance to turn your aspiration into reality! In the GOGAL program, we offer specialized training sessions aimed at empowering you for success.

About The GOGAL Program

In collaboration with StepUp Savannah, through the CAP and WBC/ACE Programs, you can now turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with a grant to help offset out-of-pocket start-up expenses.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. GOGAL is an exciting program for graduates of the Chatham Apprentice Program to pursue their dreams of becoming a business owner.  The program will provide training and a startup grant to single female heads of household who meet the following criteria:

  • Single-Female, Head of Household
  • 2022 or 2023 Graduate of the Step Up Chatham Apprentice Program
  • Women of Color
  • Complete the start-up business training with WBC/ACE Programs

Upon completion of the Start-Up Training at WBC/ACE, you will receive up to $2,500 to cover your start-up expenses such as licensure, logo and branding, website, business cards, headshots, AND a laptop.

Trainings for GOGAL

The training sessions are only available to program participants.

No events scheduled at this time.