Clients of Royal Graphics enjoy the personal touch.

“If you call here during business hours, you talk with me on the phone without going through a bunch of rigamarole,” says Romeshia Burton, who owns the Hartwell-based business. “You come in and sit down and see your vision, and we make that come to life.”

That advantage suits this company that specializes in customizing markers for meaningful moments. Royal Graphics sells screenprints, embroidery services, signs, banners, trophies, and plaques.

Burton had been working in this industry for five years from her small shop at home. A pre-existing business went up for sale, though, and she spied an opportunity to grow her business. She tried the traditional route, but even her strong credit rating wasn’t enough. “One bank said I’d been late on one credit card payment two years ago,” she says, “but I heard good things about ACE.”

ACE’s vice president and loan officer Sandy Headley paid a visit to the location.

“She saw firsthand that we were viable, that we had orders coming through and room for growth,” Burton recalls. “From then on, it was easy.”

So Burton bought the business last September and did some renovations to create a showroom/retail space in front with her wholesale merchandise in back.

“The previous owner was ready to retire, so he was turning away business,” she says. “We put the word out that we were in business, and those people started to come in.”

So far, Royal Graphics employs a staff of four, with plans to grow.

“ACE helped me realize my vision,” she says.


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