Adiva Group, LLC was founded by Marionette Ball in 2018, and serves as a business development and training solution for other companies. The business’ objective is to educate, train and develop collateral materials to support minority-owned & women-owned businesses, and corporate and private sectors.Adiva provides business consultants, educational materials and publications.

Ball first connected with ACE upon referral from lending officer Vonda Echols. As a small sole proprietorship, accessing capital was always a challenge for Ball. ACE made it easier to get the funds she needed without having to go through all the hoops required for traditional financing. Her first loan provided the funding to help her start her business and allowed her to steadily increase her activity and product and service offerings.

In 2021 ACE was able to secure a low interest Westside Empowerment loan of $10,000 to extend permanent working capital for Adiva Group. The loan allowed Ball to produce over 500 books which she was able to sell to make revenue. She also used them to promote her business and get new clients.

As a volunteer with the South Fulton Coalition of Businesses, Ball understands the importance of resources like ACE to the community. She works with the coalition to share resources and advise clients to help them grow their businesses.
The Westside Empowerment loan covers and targets businesses located on the westside of Atlanta.

“Ace is one of the few organizations that is making a difference and an important impact in the community. I’m so grateful to Vonda Echols, who is a driving force in making sure ACE is connected with the community.”

Marionette Ball

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