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WBC Success Stories

ACE loans are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of enterprises, from the smallest of start-ups to long-established companies with large staffs. Our diverse client roster includes recent immigrants, veteran C.E.O.s, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, in all stages of business growth.

ACE clients include some of the popular “food trucks” that are redefining the concept of “fast food” in Atlanta with health-conscious meals made from locally sourced ingredients — supporting area farmers as well as consumers; a hip music venue that draws marquee headliners in Athens; a company specializing in nail salon supplies and back-soothing massage chairs; an addiction recovery center; a day spa; a health food store; an academic tutoring center; and many others that are contributing to their communities and the Georgia economy.

Maybe you always wanted to open a restaurant, set up a photography studio, or provide a service that will help others? Or maybe your store’s roof needs repairs, or you would like to enlarge your warehouse, renovate your office, or upgrade equipment that will enhance your productivity?

Here are some examples of what is possible with a loan from ACE:

  • A longtime stone cutter in Elberton expanded his services with a computerized, robotic sculpting tool; without it, he would have been forced to outsource some of his work overseas, adding to costs and limiting his materials.
  • A beloved veterinarian purchased new laser-based technology to use with his four-legged patients to reduce their post-operative pain and recovery time.
  • A Hispanic couple pursued their dream of opening a restaurant called Pueblos and since has expanded to several locations and serves as a respected employment network for north Georgia.

If you have a vision for your business, ACE can help you see it through.

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