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Red Coat Services

Red Coat Services services as the state's only company specializing in bed bug detection and eradication, using insect-detection dogs and pesticide-free, "green" heat remediation. "Consumers and businesses alike do not have the real information when it comes to bed...

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Iron Accents

Valerie Kirves started Iron Accents in 1999 as a part-time online business specializing in iron furniture and accessories. It grew over the next couple years into a full-time operation that offers a wide variety of   unique metal pieces supplied by more than 70...

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Zion Consulting Expands with Help from SSBCI

Samuel Prince of Zion Consulting has worked in the stone business for 25 years. A geologist by education as well as a certified stone and marble inspector, Prince has imported granite blocks for resale for more than eight years and brokers blocks to many granite...

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Sergio and Laura Moreria, Pueblos Mexican Restaurants

In 2004, ACE made its first loan to a Hispanic couple. The $25,000 meant they could own their restaurant themselves, rather than with other family members. They have since expanded to 3 restaurants and 1 franchise in Georgia and a franchise in Uruguay.  No longer a...

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Sandy Lyndon, Homestead Recovery

When Sandy Lyndon moved away for college, she never guessed she would one day be running a business in the family’s old farmhouse. Aptly named “Homestead,” her center works exclusively with women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Homestead provides its...

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Nada Bunnell, Gentle Presence Photography

Nada Bunnell sees the world in terms of pictures, color, and composition. More than anything else, she wanted to help others see that way, too, and thought of her camera as a memory-maker. For twenty years, photography remained only a passionate hobby — until she was...

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