Shellie Bready, Adjuster365

Shellie Bready, Adjuster365

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Shellie Bready, Adjuster365

Your home has just been destroyed by a tornado, and you wonder where you are going to sleep tonight.  Your car just had every window broken out by hail, and all you can think is, “How will I get to work tomorrow?”  Who is going to be there for my family when a flood has literally washed away everything you own?  One of the people who is going to be there for you is Shellie Bready.  She is a catastrophic insurance adjuster originally from a town of 300 in Puckett, Mississippi.  Throughout her career she chased storms, worked in catastrophe centers, and has spent way too much money on hotels and watching colleagues being stuck in long-term leases at apartments, where they lived for months at a time with an air mattress and just the basics. This sparked her journey as an entrepreneur.  She shares with passion, “I have an idea, and it is going to work!” Her job is a cross between being a gypsy and a Superhero; she chases natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and floods, and along with her coworkers are the first people that can offer hope to families after Mother Nature has done her worst.  In August 2016, despite working 70 hours per week, she decided to launch her business at night.  It has been hard, but her son, Quinn, has helped her during his college breaks.  He and her business family have helped her dream become reality.  Adjuster365 offers weekly corporate housing through a platform that allows business professionals to find the perfect accommodations while working out of town.  Individuals of different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures share housing while leaving their families to take care of others.

Shellie first heard of ACE WBC through Score, and contacted the Center the first day she learned the possibility they could help her take the next steps on her business path.  During her first appointment, she was looking for guidance, direction, and an opportunity to consolidate the investment debt that she had accrued over 2 years of building her dream.  Shellie had been taking massive action and had invested over $10K in a website, over $20K on properties, and charged $17K to her credit card to build the business. Shellie had approached a local bank; however, they did not see her vision or have a program set up to meet her needs. The first time she applied for the loan at ACE she was denied because of the nature of her job as an insurance adjuster, but the ACE team went back to the underwriter, supported Shellie and her passion to help others.  After 5 months of diligence, and the office never giving up on Shellie and her dream, she was finally approved.  The ACE WBC staff encouraged her to attend programs including one with the City of Atlanta that helped her solidify her vision and focus. She is also certified as a Women Owned Small Business through the SBA, and has utilized mentorship through SCORE.  “The staff at ACE WBC went the extra mile for me.  They listened to me and did not just look at the numbers on a spreadsheet.  They gave me the opportunity to consolidate my business debt and have capital to continue to develop my website and expand my business in ways that would have taken me another 2 years to complete on my own.  Not only that, they understood my hectic schedule and arranged to bring the paperwork to me when I could not get off work to go to their office”.

Adjuster365 has expanded from 1 home with 4 rooms to having the capability and network housing of over 50 adjusters in less than 7 months. Her business network grows exponentially daily, and her goal is to be nationwide by the end of 2017.  Her ultimate goal is to go back to Mississippi and do for her home state what Dolly Parton has done for the state of Tennessee.  “We need more good news in the world, and I plan to start a YouTube channel that will celebrate local heroes after catastrophic events.  We all could use, “A Little Good News Today!”


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November 29, 2017