Diesha Williams, Atlanta Pose & Post Photo Booth

Diesha Williams, Atlanta Pose & Post Photo Booth

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Diesha Williams, Atlanta Pose & Post Photo Booth

Diesha first heard of ACE’s WBC through a friend that featured the organization’s services. She attended the networking event where ACE was premiering the documentary “Dream Girl”, focused on the journey of women business owners. Diesha said that the event was very inspiring to her.  At that time, she didn’t have a straight path to the photo booth business, instead her passion was more geared towards interior design.

In late 2016, she attended a wedding and 40th birthday party, both gatherings had photo booths, that’s where the idea inspired her. She wanted to become an entrepreneur to balance her work-family life, and the photo booth industry was a perfect avenue to start her business. She lives by the quote “be stubborn with your goals, but flexible with your method” which she applies in all aspects of her life, and would be applied to her business adventure as well.

She decided to reach out to a company in California that manufactures photo booths -as she described them- their booth is modern, sleek, sexy, and intuitive. She first applied with the company’s in-house financing, the interest rate was 38%, which she felt was outrageous since at the end of the loan it would triple the cost of the booth. Her husband encouraged her to get a small business loan, and that’s when she approached ACE.

Two months after attending the networking event she registered for the workshop Start & Finance your Business. She really enjoyed the laid back, comfortable environment and flexible schedule of the WBC. She then scheduled a 1:1 consultation, which after the meeting which empowered to move forward with the idea. In March, she submitted the loan application and a month later she was approved. That same day she sent the payment to the company, and they started manufacturing the booth. The process took six weeks, meanwhile she focused on marketing and building the website. She appreciates the fact that ACE continues to provide technical support to post-loan clients. She will take advantage of two upcoming events to expand her marketing knowledge, and in social media since her target are millennials.

Her goal for the rest of the year is to book at least one event per weekend. In 2018, she wants to book two events per weekend, and if she starts missing out on opportunities because she is booked, then she will invest in her business with another booth. She wants her photo booth business to be known for reliability, quality and service.  Diesha’s focus is on weddings, birthdays, galas, fundraisers, Christmas parties, proms and any event where there is a gathering of people.

She would encourage anyone to start their dream business and trust the process as you apply for a business loan, it is a simple process if you follow the guidelines. Her advice to new entrepreneurs: Put together a business plan, be serious, accountable and be successful!

“Partnering with ACE is more than just obtaining a business loan, it’s a community of likeminded people who support and encourage entrepreneurs on their path to success.”


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November 29, 2017