Alexandra Izurieta, Hair Studio & Boutique

Alexandra Izurieta, Hair Studio & Boutique

Photo by Erik Voss

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Alexandra Izurieta, Hair & Studio Boutique

When Alexandra Izurieta moved to Atlanta she knew she needed to find the resources that had been available to her in Rhode Island. Already a business owner and with 23 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, she valued learning and keeping herself up to date with business practices that would grow and keep her business relevant and fine-tuned. She attended workshops and counseling sessions at the SBA WBC in Rhode Island. After arriving to Atlanta, she started working in a beauty salon coloring hair. Once settled into her new home in Atlanta, and with the goal to open her own beauty salon, she knew which door to knock at first.  Alexandra arrived at ACE Women’s Business Center and met with the center’s director Maria Peck. Thin and tall, and beautiful hair worthy of her studio’s promotional photos she sat across the table with her business idea: a studio in Suwanee was closing and she wanted to buy it. She needed to decide if to buy it under the current name or to pursue another location. The laws in GA were different than in RI and she needed guidance registering her studio under the old name. With many questions but one goal, Alexandra was determined. She acquired Hair Studio & Boutique, and is running a full-service salon located in Suwannee GA. She was able to retain the 3 employees from the previous studio and her short-term goal is to hire a couple of young understudies to bring new ideas to her business.  She inherited the clientele from the previous owners and is steadily acquiring new customers.

One month after opening to the public, the Women’s Business Center offered as part of their programs, a seminar for Latino Entrepreneurs in partnership with the University of Georgia’s SBDC. At a time when most new business owners would shy away from any commitment that would take time away from their business, she signed to be considered for the scholarship. Alexandra was given a half tuition scholarship to attend. About the program, Alexandra said “I was able to attend thanks to the scholarship given by the WBC. It’s been a blessing. Even though I have been doing this for many years, is unbelievable the things you forget. The classes have been very helpful, eye opening, I am learning so many new things, especially in social media. 10 years ago, social media did not exist the way it is now, is a new component and a powerful tool for my business.”

Alexandra is a familiar face in networking events organized by the WBC, and completed our program with the Office of Minority Business from the University of Georgia. Her involvement and business relationship with our center has proven to be fruitful and strong, and no doubt her determination will lead her to attain the goals she has short and long term.


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November 28, 2017