Credit Analyst – Atlanta or Cleveland, GA

Position Summary:

Position is responsible for the underwriting process for small business and commercial loans.  Underwriting responsibilities include the financial analysis of potential new borrowers, existing borrowers, and assisting lenders with the process of closing loans. Responsible for ongoing financial analysis and credit quality for clients post-closing.

The position involves the development of strong working relationship with lenders in addition to the credit risk team to analyze new credit opportunities, underwrite new or renewed credit exposure, and help manage a portfolio of loans. Work includes gathering information and performing research and analysis to identify, quantify, and mitigate underwriting risk inherent in ACE lending and interacting with borrowers via phone or face-to-face. Managing the Community Advantage Program process is also a vital role in this position.

Participate in the management of the loan portfolio through specific responsibilities assigned concerning Portfolio Management to assist in identifying trends, credit quality and potential red flags, and recognizing and reporting changes in portfolio conditions.

Requires solid analytical skills in financial statements and tax return analysis, interviewing and probing skills and the proficiency of preparing and presenting credit memorandums.

Reports to the Chief Credit Officer.

Core Areas of Responsibilities:

Underwriting Responsibilities:

  • Manage the internal credit underwriting process as well as third party underwriting services in order to provide consistency, efficiency, timeliness and quality underwriting output.
  • Underwrite financing requests for small business loans and commercial loans utilizing ACE policies and procedure guidelines. The analysis should include but not be limited to the applicants’ background history, management skills, financial status, credit and potential collateral to determine feasibility of granting loans.  Utilize the underwriting tools available to ACE for loan requests and complete the Loan Memorandum.
  • Ensure completeness of loan applications/requests.
  • Analyze financial statements, tax returns, and other financial and/or project information. This analysis includes a detailed analysis of the borrower balance sheet, working capital, capital structure, trends and ratios, income statement, net worth including retained earnings and primary and global cash flow.
  • Evaluates collateral for value, depreciation, and cost to cure.
  • Assist the loan officers in structuring new loan requests and renewals of existing loans to best benefit the borrower and ACE.
  • Upon receipt and review of appraisals, environmental assessments, market analysis reports, etc., transfer necessary and complete data from the reports to the appropriate loan memorandum section(s).
  • Manage maturing loans within 30 days of maturity to ensure that these loans are renewed in a timely manner and do not become past due. Coordinate with the appropriate loan officer.
  • Collaborate with the Loan Operations Department to ensure timely and accurate execution of loan documentation.
  • Manage the Loan File(s) for all loans $100,000 and above through ACE’s Sales Force system.
  • Receive appropriate approval of loans according to Loan Policy and procedures.
  • As appropriate, follow-up with clients for compliance with covenant tracking (i.e., annual financial statements, collateral maintenance, and other necessary and defined information per the Commitment Letter issued to the borrower(s) at loan closing.
  • Maintain a culture of quality customer service at all points of contact with ACE clients when responding to applicant/borrower inquiries and requests.

Portfolio Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research on industry and market trends as related to risk.
  • Maintain an understanding of stated procedures and policies, including regulatory compliance guidelines.
  • Manage the Community Advantage Program including current and consistent process and procedures with the ACE third party vendor (Prudent Lenders). Includes involvement and support with Loan Operations from the application process, collection of documents, client call with ACE and Prudent Lenders, and through the approval and other steps necessary to bring the loan approval to the closing stage in a timely manner (45- 60 days).
  • Loan Review Function – Prepare loan review memorandums so that all applicable loan relationships are reviewed according to Loan Policy on an annual basis, or as needed. Compete Segmentation Loan Reviews at the Chief Credit Officer’s directive to ensure that aspects of the loan portfolio such as industry types, existing vs. start-up businesses, lender management and other relevant segments are reviewed annually to make certain that risk is evaluated appropriately.
  • Manage the loan review process when engaging third party vendors to complete loan reviews.
  • Prepare the annual Loan Review Report based on information from both the individual Loan Reviews and the Segmentation Loan Review outcomes.
  • Through day to day responsibilities, participate in the overall risk reporting and management of the loan portfolio by identifying trends, credit quality and concentrations, and recognizing and reporting changes in portfolio conditions.


  • Assist the Chief Credit Officer with management of loan portfolio as needed.
  • Cross train to understand the Collection culture of ACE and to assist when needed and appropriate.
  • Handle administrative duties of the Portfolio Credit Risk Department.
  • Participate in staff meetings, loan team meetings, Loan Committee meetings, education and marketing events, as requested by Leadership.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

Desired Experience / Attributes:

  • 5+ years in credit analysis and underwriting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Real Estate or Business Administration preferred
  • Knowledge of financial statement analysis, general accounting, cash flows and various loan calculations
  • Ability to multitask, work independently and interdependently
  • Must be able to engage in a tactful manner with colleagues, potential borrowers, and existing borrowers
  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communications skills and excellent attention to detail
  • Highly analytical thinking with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving and streamlining complex work processes.
  • Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing;
  • Applicable knowledge of Microsoft Office suite
  • Usage of financial spreadsheet analysis software required


Please include salary requirements with cover letter.

How to Apply:

Email cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to by October 31st. Use job title in subject line. No phone calls, please.