Just Right Auto Service hopes ultimately to become a one-stop facility for all auto servicing needs, including brakes, transmissions, and wheel alignment. Currently the Roswell business, which opened in 2014, offers service repairs for the damages resulting from every-day vehicle collisions.

“Vehicles can be refinished to look and drive like new,” says Teresa Bishop, who owns the shop with her husband, Mark Bishop.

He brings more than 35 years of experience in collision and car repair to his work, and has built a team of experienced and certified technicians who are enthusiastic about the auto industry and customer service. Just Right has received the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence from the National Institute of Automotive Service along with the highest level of certification in collision repair from I-Car.

The Bishops received their first ACE loan in 2016 and applied it toward equipment and a marketing campaign to boost business. Their second loan, last December, enabled them to hire more employees and complete a paint booth.

“ACE wants to see you succeed, and they help you do it,” says Teresa Bishop. “That’s hard to say about any other banking organization. Most don’t care if you make it or not.”

The Bishops also take advantage of ACE’s advisory tools. “We’re trying to better manage our business with the goal of getting certified to repair a fleet of government cars.”

Just Right Auto Service also has the Georgia Used Car Dealer License which enables the business to “flip cars” by accessing dealer auctions and reselling automobiles for a profit.

Karen Malaga, Business Advisory Manager at ACE, works closely with Teresa and Mark.  “Just Right Auto Service is successful because they are very much focused on their business. I joke that Teresa has ACE on speed dial, but that may be the secret to their success. They have surrounded themselves with trusted advisors, not only at ACE but with other organizations, and they take advantage of any opportunity to grow and generate more profits. It’s a pleasure working with them.”


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